Lymph, unlike blood, has no organ that pumps it (in the case of the blood system such  organ is the heart). Among other things, the lymph is driven by muscle movement. Through the lymphatic vessels, primary lymph enters the lymph nodes where it is cleansed of viruses and bacteria. The lymph so cleaned leaves the lymph nodes with drainage vessels. If we have a sedentary lifestyle, this circulation is disturbed and slowed down. To improve its flow, it is worth using massage devices with collagen therapy.


The massage performed on the infrared  device stimulates the lymphatic system to work, which in turn increases the organ’s demand for oxygen and nutrients.

By increasing the capacity of the lymphatic vessels, the lymph circulation rate increases, which accelerates and facilitates the elimination of toxic substances and unnecessary metabolic products from the body. Building substances and vitamins return to the bloodstream and toxins are eliminated in urine. Nutrients and nutrients delivered to fat cells enable their faster burning  and weight reduction.

To bring the most effective results on the professional collagen massage  device, remember:

  • the direction of massage should be consistent with the direction of lymph flow (as in blood circulation, i.e. to the heart)
  • follow a certain sequence when performing the exercises, that is, start the massage from the feet and end with the arms and hands.

How does it work?

ROLL-TECH CLASSIC is a new way to a beautiful and slim figure. It means massaging the whole body with the help of wooden, characteristically contoured rollers. This device combines ease of use and aesthetics of performance. It occupies only 1m2 and is so easy to use that there is no need to hire additional staff.

  • Low power consumption – the cost of an hour of operation of the device is about PLN 35
  • Easy operation – there is no need to hire an additional person, customers operate the device themselves
  • Large target group, as the device combines slimming effects
  • Regulating and health usage
  • At home
  • Housing estate gyms where every centimetre of space matters
  • Cosmetic salons where every centimetre of space matters
  • Massage salons where every centimetre of space matters
  • Fitness clubs – as additional equipment
  • Hotels and sanatoriums

Infrrared massage device

The usage of infrared radiation makes the body easier to eliminate not only water, but also fat (20%), cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds, mobilizes the body’s defences, strengthens the immune system. It also helps to bind free radicals, causing effective cleansing of the body, removal of subcutaneous fat and reduction of cellulite, making the skin firm and elastic. Get to know the offer of our company, where you can find body massage devices that use infrared technology..

Modern devices used for slimming massage

In addition, infrared radiation – was used to fight overweight, because it allows you to instantly warm up tissues and muscles, while increasing circulation and metabolism. Under the influence of heat, blood circulation improves, the skin expels impurities and dead cells, making it firmer and smoother. The result is increased blood flow and better oxygenation and blood supply to tissues. Oxygen is better supplied to the cells of the body. This causes relaxation, reduces muscle pain and speeds up the healing process. The skin turns red, which means that oxygen-rich blood reaches places where it can often be missing.

Body firming massagers

The use of an infrared roll massager allows you to significantly accelerate fat burning, cellulite reduction and improve the appearance of skin. It also provides a healthy sweating effect at 35-45 degrees Celsius, which accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body. Infrared therapy strengthens the immune system, effectively supporting the fight against colds or flu-like infections in their initial stages. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the massage equipment manufacturer!

Modern massage devices using collagen

Collagen Light Therapy is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle treatments available on the market. This is the only natural treatment thanks to which you can get rid of wrinkles completely non-invasively and improve the quality of your skin! During the therapy, collagen does not use tanning UV or laser radiation, but emits light waves with a length of 633 nanometers, existing in the visible light spectrum. Find out what potential modern massage devices have!

Professional massage equipment that uses collagen light therapy

The visible pink light is warm and pleasant, has a relaxing effect, and through its effect on human skin cells, it stimulates the process of biosynthesis proper for each organism. It penetrates the skin to a depth of up to 10 millimetres. The dose of radiation, reaching the deeper layers, stimulates the reconstruction of collagen and elastin in the skin. Rebuilding these lost elements while using collagen therapy is a process that requires time, as well as some patience from the person undergoing this process. During the treatment, the massage device affects the body’s natural defences – occurring in the skin tissue. This type of process cannot be violent, fast, but its effects are excellent.

Why is it worth investing in a modern massage device with collagen?

Regardless of whether you run a beauty salon, a local gym, a massage studio, a fitness club, a hotel or a sanatorium, or are looking for high-end equipment for home use, a modern collagen roll massager will certainly meet your expectations. Thanks to the non-invasiveness of the device, using it is not even in the slightest way uncomfortable – on the contrary, stimulating the skin by wooden massage rollers has a relaxing effect. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the manufacturer of massage equipment with collagen therapy..