Wstęp do rollmasażu

Cel masażu

The main goal of the ROLL-TECH device is to remove cellulite and get a slim figure. However, there are many areas where we can use this device.
These are among others:

  1. Activation of the lymphatic system
  2. Breaking down body fat
  3. Post-traumatic rehabilitation
  4. Preparation for sports training
  5. Firming the skin


You should realize what a diet really is. A diet is nothing but a method of eating. We are not supporters of cabbage diets or the Copenhagen diets. They are dangerous to health and the effects are short. Millions of people around the world undergo numerous slimming treatments and take measures to support this process. Even children and adolescents – often unnecessarily – follow different diets and eating restrictions. For example, in Sweden, 7-year-old girls admit that they have lost weight or are losing weight. Among American teenagers, as many as 50% are considered obese (in fact, every fourth is obese), while as many as 79% of Australian students would like to weigh less. According to statistics on weight loss, every obese person has one, several or more slimming treatments behind him. As a result, obese people lose a few or a dozen kilograms, and then, unfortunately, they often gain weight again.

During the roll massage on the ROLL-TECH device, we can drink herbal teas before, after or during the massage. It is also recommended to massage the slimming cream in 20 minutes before the massage, which will be activated during the roll massage.

Massage with the ROLL-TECH device can be a stimulus to change your lifestyle. Spring is coming, so let’s eat more vegetables, drink one coffee less during the day, replace it with red tea that has caffeine in it. Instead of eating another sweet bun during the day, let’s eat yoghurt, cheese and fruit. Do not use all-day fasts, which lead to fatigue, and in the evening to “throw yourself on the fridge”.

Let us involve the whole family in the new lifestyle, both children and husband will be more willing to join it if they notice the effects after some time. The Internet is rich in recipes for healthy dishes that will appeal to the whole family. The new way of eating can complement the exercises performed on the firming the body ROLL-TECH device.



When massaging on the ROLL-TECH device, it is not necessary to use fasting or a miracle diet, so there is no yo-yo effect. To get the most effective results on the ROLL-TECH device, use it regularly. It is recommended to massage 3 times a week for one hour for the first three weeks. If you do not have the opportunity to perform roll massages at home, it is worth using gym passes, significantly reducing the cost of treatments.

WEEK 1 – This week, the body gets used to the touch. After the first massage, we will probably feel the effect of soreness caused by stagnation of the body. In the first week, it is recommended to use lower rotation speeds of the massage rollers. The effects of roll massage depend on the individual predispositions of the client, however, after just one massage, you can feel an acceleration of metabolism and stimulation of the body.

2,3 WEEK –From the first week, roll massage facilitates fat burning, stimulates and regulates digestive processes. In the second week, the massage stimulates the removal of toxins and harmful metabolic products. As the massage progresses, we can increase the rotation speeds and adapt them to individual needs.

WEEK 4 – This week we stabilize the body. The effects of massage are visible, among others. smoothed skin, significant loss of centimetres in the waist, hips and thighs. The body becomes firmer, the skin more supplied with blood. In general, 95% of clients using the massage after 4 weeks of treatment noticed long-lasting effects in both appearance and well-being.


Lymph, unlike blood, has no organ that pumps it (in the case of the blood system such organ is the heart). Among other things, the lymph is driven by muscle movement. Through the lymphatic vessels, primary lymph enters the lymph nodes where it is cleansed of viruses and bacteria. The lymph so cleaned leaves the lymph nodes with drainage vessels. If we have a sedentary lifestyle, this circulation is disturbed and slowed down. To improve its flow, it is worth using massage devices with collagen therapy..


Zabieg wykonany sprzętem do masażu na podczerwień pobudza układ limfatyczny do pracy, co z kolei powoduje wzmożone zapotrzebowanie organów na tlen i substancje odżywcze.

The massage performed on the infrared device stimulates the lymphatic system to work, which in turn increases the organ’s demand for oxygen and nutrients.

By increasing the capacity of the lymphatic vessels, the lymph circulation rate increases, which accelerates and facilitates the elimination of toxic substances and unnecessary metabolic products from the body. Building substances and vitamins return to the bloodstream and toxins are eliminated in urine. Nutrients and nutrients delivered to fat cells enable their faster burning and weight reduction.

To bring the most effective results on the professional collagen massage device, remember:

  • the direction of massage should be consistent with the direction of lymph flow (as in blood circulation, i.e. to the heart),
  • follow a certain sequence when performing the exercises, that is, start the massage from the feet and end with the arms and hands.


1. Feet
We always start a roll massage on the ROLL-TECH device with the feet, because they are the receptors responsible for internal organs. We sit comfortably on a large stool and gradually accustom the body to roll massage. There are reflex zones on the feet, which are responsible for individual parts of the body, so it is important to start each roll massage with the feet. Foot roll massage greatly reduces foot numbness and reduces the effect of “cold feet”.

2. Calves
The calves are another massaged part of the body, and to increase the roll massage area, we can additionally move the calves on rolls, joining and separating them alternately. Avoid areas affected by varicose veins. Calf roll massage eliminates tension and soothes legs that are swollen after a whole day of work, sculpting the shape of the calf.

3. Rear thighs
Roll massage of the back of the thighs is one of the most pleasant roll massages. We can help ourselves by leaning on our hands. Roll massage of the rear part of the thighs perfectly evens out the skin tone and structure. When used regularly, it visibly reduces orange skin and stretch marks.

4. Buttocks, lower part
A very comfortable position that does not require any effort, we move the lower part of the buttocks to the left and right and gently up and down. Roll massage has an excellent effect on the firmness of the buttocks, smoothers the skin, and with regular roll massages the buttocks rise.

5. Front thighs
We perform this position standing up, slightly bending forward. By massaging this position, we strengthen the muscles and make the body slimmer.

6. Thigh outer part
We apply the outer part of the thighs, we have a wide range of movement here, thanks to which we massage those areas of the thighs that need it the most. Visibly slims the figure, reducing the effect of pillows on the thighs. When massaging this part of the thighs, we can quickly change the clothes to a smaller size.

7. Thigh inner part
A very important part of the body that is most exposed to the sagging. The skin in this area of the thighs is very delicate, so our experience during the roll massage will be the greatest. Roll massage reduces sagging skin, slims the figure, strengthens muscles, and eliminates orange skin.

8. Buttocks
Probably the most pleasant massage position for the most frequently used areas by men and women who work mentally. It reduces sagging skin, eliminates pain in the coccyx, strengthens the muscles, and eliminates the orange skin.

9. Abdomen
When massaging the belly, remember not to roll over the stomach, especially after a meal. Rollmassage smoothes the stomach, reduces the fat, raises the bust despite the lack of direct contact with the rollers.

10. Sides
The most troublesome part of the body, while massaging this part, we can help ourselves with a stool. Eliminates pillows in the form of fat, reduces the waist circumference, sculpts the figure.

11. Back
Probably the most pleasant massage position for the most frequently used areas by white-collar women. We use a pad in this position. Roll massage relaxes, reduces the feeling of heaviness in the head, and relaxes tense muscles.

12. Hands and palms
The final part of the roll massage, which is placing the arms and hands on rollers and moving them across the entire working area. Roll massage reduces the sagging skin of the arms, massages the receptors located on the inside of the hand.

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