Meet the innovative massage device


We are a company that has been providing its clients with modern solutions and professional body shaping machines for 15 years, thanks to which achieving a beautiful, slim figure and firm, delicate skin is not only easy and pleasant, but also safe. We recommend our infrared rollmassagers for both home and specialist use. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Classic Rollmassage

As a reputable manufacturer of massage machines, we offer our clients ROLL-TECH CLASSIC – a professional body modeling and firming massager. It also helps in cleansing the body, reducing cellulite and accelerating metabolism. We recommend it both for home use and as equipment for beauty salons. It is also perfect for fitness clubs and sanatoriums. Enjoy your shopping!


Rollmassage Professional

ROLL-TECH PROFESSIONAL is a device used for beneficial, lymphatic massage on rollers, used in professional beauty salons. To model the figure even more effectively, we have equipped this rollmassager with infrared, which allows you to get rid of excess water and fat from the body, and collagen, which reduces wrinkles in a non-invasive way and stimulates the biosynthesis process. The ROLL-TECH PROFESSIONAL also has a built-in controller and manual display, which enables very precise operation of the device.


Choose professional massage equipment – contact us!

Professional ROLL-TECH rollmassagers are high-class massage machines. They will be used in massage salons, beauty salons and fitness clubs. Due to their small size, they will also work well in home gyms. Contact us and we will present you the full range of massage devices available and prepare a personalized offer. We invite you to contact us.

Introduction to rollmassage


The main goal of the ROLL-TECH device is to remove cellulite and get a slim figure. However, there are many areas where we can use this device.

These are among others:

  1. Activation of the lymphatic system
  2. Breaking down body fat
  3. Post-traumatic rehabilitation
  4. Preparation for sports training
  5. Firming the skin